This is my first attempt at sharing my addiction…er I mean, totally normal level of love, for Korean Dramas. I do enjoy watching movies/dramas from other Asian countries, but k-dramas remain by far my personal favourite.

If you’re reading this, I assume you are well on your way to joining myself and many other Korean Drama fans out there in our journey through sped up lane changes, piggyback rides, back hugs and all things k-drama. You know to mentally keep the list of ‘must have scenes’ handy whenever you start watching a new k-drama and check them off as you go. Watching something with subtitles is the norm and sometimes you catch yourself searching a video or movie with subtitles that’s already in your own language.

However, if the above makes you wonder and scratch your head, treat it like a crash introduction course to the Korean Drama World. You’re welcome. Also, don’t despair. New members may join us at any time and with dedication and perseverance (aka endless hours of watching Korean dramas), you too can become a drama addict lover.

How it all began:

It was a day like any other in early 2009, when out of the blue, while looking for some good songs online, I stumbled across a fan made music video containing snippets of what seemed to be an interesting story. After watching a few more similar videos and reading through the comments of said videos, I was able to find out two very important facts. One, these were scenes from a Korean drama and two, the English translation of the drama name was – drum roll please – ‘Boys before flowers’. So I got to searching for a subtitled version of the drama that still had decent quality. This was before k-dramas enjoyed the widespread fame they have today and websites streaming these dramas with subtitles were few and far in between. But I was on a mission and not to be stopped until I finally succeeded. ‘Boys before Flowers’ is based on a popular manga/manhwa by the same name in which the spunky main female character gets accepted into a prestigious high school through a special scholarship. The school is ruled by a group consisting of the four richest and most popular students known as F4, or flower boys because of their good looks. The story unfolds in a serious of events caused by the interaction of these young people with each other and the changes that these encounters bring to the lives of everyone involved. 

Thus began my love for Korean dramas which soon expanded to the Korean Language and culture and last but not least, Korean pop music. One of the main actors of this drama is also part of a Korean boy band known as SS501 and so, while watching the drama, I also started listening to Korean pop music aka k-pop. And as the famous saying goes, the rest is history.

Let the Journey continue 🙂



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