‘I hear your voice’

‘I hear your voice’  Starring Lee Jong-Suk, Lee Bo-Young, Yoon Sang-Hyun & Lee Da-Hee

The Story: A 15 year old girl decides to stand up as a key witness at a reporter’s murder trial, making it possible for the murderer to be put behind bars but also incurring the wrath of said murderer.  The incident was also witnessed by the reporter’s 9 year old son who out of gratitude vows to protect the girl. Due to the incident he also developed the ability to read peoples thoughts by looking at them.

Fast forward 10 years and we find the boy in his last year of high school and the girl has become a lawyer. Both of them have completely lost touch after that day in court 10 years ago but the boy has always been searching for the girl and preparing himself by learning martial arts to be able to defend her against any evil that may come her way.  Despite being a good person, the girl is not as brave to defend and kind of does her job for the money now without much passion for it.

Both their lives are intertwined again when the murderer is released early on good behavior and intent on revenge.

The finished work:  Lee Jong-Suk and Lee Bo-Young have fantastic chemistry and the acting was superb.  The supporting cast is equally amazing and the villain is one of the best I’ve ever seen (you’ll love to hate this guy).

My only complaint throughout the drama was that the staff in charge of wardrobe did not give Lee Jong-Suk a belt to wear (insert dramatic sigh here).

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