‘Moon embracing the sun’

‘Moon embracing the sun’ (Historical)-  starring Han Ga-In, Kim Soo-Hyun, Jung Ill-Woo as the main adult cast and Kim Yoo-Jung, Yeo Jin-Goo and (the other) Lee Min-Ho as their younger versions.

The Story:  In the Joseon Dynasty, a young girl from a noble family is selected as the crown prince’s future bride when they are about 13-15 years old. The two have actually met before and fallen in love and are happy with the arrangement. But an opposing clan is against the union as it would fortify the king against their influence and plot to have the young bride killed with the help of a shaman.

Years pass by and the crown prince has become the king and gotten married to someone else but was never able to forget his first love. Then one day, he meets a female shaman deep in the forest who reminds him a lot of his young princess bride from the past. Who is this young woman and why does she remind him of all these feelings of the past?

The finished work: Both the young as well as the adult cast of this drama were simply amazing!!!  There is just so much chemistry and friendship/‘Bromance’ (YAY!!) between the characters and the skilled sword fighting scenes reflected the actors hard work preparing for their roles. The ‘feels’ are plentiful in this one taking you on a repeat roller coaster ride of joy, pain and sadness. I loved how the characters evolved throughout the story making them seem more relatable. Throw in some magic spells for the sake of revenge and love and we have ourselves a recipe for a captivating story. It definitely deserves being one of the highest rated Korean dramas of all time. –Note: Song Jae-Rim, who played the kings bodyguard, was the absolute scene-stealer of this drama (in my opinion) and I just had to mention him ;).  For the longest time I would always refer to the actor as ‘Woon’-  which is the name of Song  Jae-Rim’s character in the drama- instead of using his actual name.

Last but not least, I loved  how the OST for this drama underlined the emotions of the characters so well. Anytime to this day, when I hear one of the songs, it brings back all the wonderful emotions this drama lover felt while watching this drama.


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