Falling in love with Soon-Jung…

…also known as Falling in love with innocence or Beating again, stars Jung Kyoung-Ho, Kim So-Yeon, Yoon Hyun-Min, Jin Goo, Kong Hyun-Joo, Park Young-Gyu, Lee Si-Un and many other great actors/actresses.

I’m currently rewatching this drama for like the 5th time – I stopped counting after watching it the first 3 times – and still am so in love with it *insert fangirl moment here*. Watching it for the first time, it took me about 10 minutes to be hooked on it and I was seriously asking myself, what took me so long to start watching it in the first place. I believe when it originally aired, it got drowned out by other, more popular dramas and did not get the recognition that it deserves.

Each character is written so well and consistent with their little quirks, their strong points and their weaknesses. I love it when the writers create characters that seem real and human because they have these flaws or strange habits. This drama depicts yet again how greed, envy and revenge can be all-consuming and how acting on these emotions causes so much pain and destruction. Our main character also has to face the fact that even if you turn away from this destructive path, there will still be consequences for any bad action taken up to that point and Jung Kyoung-Ho did a great job making this complex character come to live.

Kim So-Yeon is one of my favorite actresses out there, because she always “sells” her character. I’ve seen her portray so many rolls from a spoiled rich princess, to a tough police detective and now this strong secretary that is admired and respected by her co-workers and bosses alike. All these characters were so different and yet she was so convincing every time. And again, credit to the writers for writing such a strong female main character *insert applause*.

The Story: A tough and ruthless business man named Kang Min-Ho (Jung Kyoung-Ho) experiences a personality change after undergoing a heart transplant. At the heart of it all is Kim Soon-Jung (Kim So-Yeon), a female secretary named who works for his biggest enemy and could be friend or foe. Kang Min-Ho feels strangely drawn to Kim Soon-Jung. But can he trust her? And can he turn around a series of events that he himself started and save what used to be his late father’s company?

Note: You probably can’t tell but I had a real hard time holding back the ’fangirling’ on this one. I feared if I said wrote too much, there might be spoilers and did not want to ruin the drama for anyone. So I hope you have a great time watching this, or if you have already seen it and feel like sharing your thoughts, let me know in the comments below what your impression of it was.

Until we drama again,



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