How to kdrama like a pro – Part 1 of ?

Of course that is a thing! Just ask any obsessed experienced drama watcher out there. Maybe this post will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to improve those drama watching skills of yours (or at least provide a good laugh).

Step 1: Pick a drama– bet you didn’t see that one coming 😉 -But seriously, you are about to commit hours of your precious time to this and in order to make it worth your while, research must be done! So to the lab…erm, I mean internet you go! The screening or research process doesn’t have to take long to be detailed. Maybe you like a certain genre, or maybe there is an actor/actress who you admire. Even the writer or director of a drama is sometimes a sure win when it comes to drama picking (I L-O-V-E dramas written by the Hong sisters). My favorite genres are romantic comedy and action dramas and I have a preference for happy endings. And by preference I mean that if there is no happy ending, there better be a very good reason. And I mean very, very good reason. I’m convinced drama writers are out to get us. They will sometimes string you along for hours and hours just to drop an unexpected or totally unsatisfying ending at you. Trust me, they are sneaky like that. So be prepared and approach drama choosing like any other choice in life: armed with knowledge.

Happy picking


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