Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

*This is an ongoing drama and the following fangirl moment review may contain spoilers*

The drama stars in the main roles Lee Sung-Kyung as Kim Bok-joo and Nam Joo-Hyuk as Jung Joon-Hyung. And these two have the most amazing chemistry. I have been squealing like the best

of fangirls since that moment in episode 1 where JJH picked up KBJ after she fell into the swimming pool and just kept holding her for a while. There was no denying that these two were going to sell the whole couple thing after that moment of them looking at each other. And it only got better from there. These two are just one of the most adorable and cute characters I’ve seen. I love how JJH is so confident without being arrogant and how he has this completely sweet side to him and is not afraid to show it at any time. KBJ is confident when it comes to her weightlifting as well, but when it comes to just being a girl, she is vulnerable. I adore how she tries to figure out the balance between following her dream as a weightlifter and staying true to herself as a girl, a person. The gradual way in which they fall in love and learn to acknowledge that they care for each other is a refreshing experience. 

Of course the rest of the cast is just the right amount of comedy and disaster to complete the story line and move it along at a steady pace. KBJ’s loyal friends are the envy for many of us and JJH’s  sidekick is just nosy enough without being annoying. And after watching this, who doesn’t want their father to own a  restaurant and treat them and their friends to delicious fried chicken like KBJ’s father does. 

I cannot gush about this drama without mentioning that it contained a long list of cameos. However, the two that stood out the most to me where of course Lee Jong Suk **squeal** and Ji Soo **<3** as I’m a big fan of both these actors. 

And last but not least, I would like to make an honorable mention of Kang Ki-Young as Kim Dae-Ho, KBJ’s uncle. I’ve come to enjoy how this actor keeps stealing drama moments while giving his usually somewhat quirky characters his own comedic style. 

Now I will go and reward myself by watching Episode 14 of this drama.


…continued Jan 21/17…so a few weeks have past since I posted the above. When attempting to watch Episode 14 that day, I was met with the unpleasant surprise that it had been delayed for a week **overly dramatic sigh** and so decided to wait for the drama to finish airing. I finally managed to marathon through the remaining episodes, with real life always getting in the way and all. #kdramafanstruggles

I truly enjoyed this drama all the way to the end. It was nice that the story line continued past college/university life showing the further growth of the characters both professionally and personally. It also gave us a chance to watch their relationship develop some more. And I was so glad there was no overbearing let-me-make things-difficult-with-useless- drama act from KBJ’s father. Any plots and loose ends where neatly tied up without being rushed, including the love triangle involving the uncle and KBJ’s coaches (props to actress Kim Seul-Gi for her funny cameo

I was left wanting more scenes showing the blossoming ‘something’ between JJH’s sidekick and one of KBJ’s friends as I was shipping them since the beginning and so hopeful the writers/directors would hear my silent plea. However, this was a minor detail and in no way affected my overall enjoyment of the drama.

Until we drama again,



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