Fantastic – drama review

Starring Kim Hyun-Joo as Lee So-Hye, Joo Sang-Wook as Ryoo Hae-Sung, Park Si-Yeon, Ji-Soo, Kim Tae-Hoon as Hong Joon-Gi and many others rounding out the cast.

This drama had been on my radar for a while now. Many times I would click on it, read the synopsis and then decide once again not to watch it because it sounded like a guaranteed sad ending. But finally curiosity won out and I am so glad to finally have taken the plunge.

The story centers around successful drama/movie writer Lee So-Hye discovering she has a terminal illness and learning to cope with it. Ryoo Hae-Sung is a famous but mediocre actor connected to LSH’s past and ends up becoming her rock during her trying times. LSH’s doctor Hong Joon-Gi, who unknown to most people around him suffers from an terminal illness himself, also becomes a major source of encouragement for her.

In case the summary above was not clear enough on it, this drama is an emotional roller-coaster that will require you to keep those tissues handy. But moments of laughter and even anger do make plenty of appearances and provide a welcome reprieve.

This drama is such an example of the ‘feels’ we get to enjoy while watching k-dramas. LSH struggles with her illness and her desire to fall in love overshadowed by the guilt she feels about making the person she loves sad; RHS dealing with his feelings for LSH and his earnest efforts to improve in his chosen profession; HJG truly selfless acts of kindness and friendship towards LSH despite his own health struggles. The developing ‘bromance’ between RHS and HJG, as well as the long lasting friendship between LSH and her 2 spunky besties from High School made for many a laugh.

The drama also approached the theme of verbal and physical domestic  abuse as well as blackmail within the entertainment industry and the price the characters had to pay to break free of these. 

A personal drama highlight for me was watching Joo Sang-Wook portray a more carefree and – dare I say it – silly character. This was so refreshing after all the times I’ve seen him acting as the serious doctor or lawyer. 

In conclusion I would like to say this: Don’t let the sad sounding synopsis keep you from watching this drama. It is a true gem and worth your time.

Until we drama again,


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