A little bit about myself: 

I consider myself fortunate to have been taught Low-German (German dialect), German & Spanish by the time I was 10. This and my love for books certainly played a vital role in my growing fascination with learning new languages. When my high school finally introduced English classes as part of the curriculum I was beyond excited! After moving to another country a few years later I was able to become fluent through daily interactions with other English speakers. Reading tons of books helped me improve my spelling/grammar and overall vocabulary. This is also when I became aware of and fell in love with using sarcasm *virtual high-five to all sarcastic people* ;). Needless to say that sarcasm has become one of my main means of communication.

Yet another few years would pass before the Korean drama world could claim me as one of their own. (You can read more about that here FIRST POST: HAVE MERCY ㅋㅋㅋ). In 2015 I was able to fulfill what had become one of my mayor life dreams and spend a short yet amazing time in South Korea. The picture above is from said trip and I’m hoping to share many more details of the experience in the future. I still have a long way to go in my current endeavor of adding Korean to my list of languages mastered but am enjoying every bit of it. 

About this blog:

You are still here? Awesome!! Because this blog was created to share my love for k-dramas with other fans. I’ll be writing about my favorite dramas, my favorite actors/actresses, favorite OST’s a.k.a. Original drama Soundtracks and review pretty much anything else k-drama or k-pop related that happens to catch my fancy. 

Please always keep in mind that anything posted on this blog is based on my own opinion and impression and is meant to express and share my love for k-drama and k-pop. 



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